Establishment and Administration (E&A)

Main Functions of E&A are:

  • To deal with all kinds of Administrative and Accounts matters.
  • To carryout the decisions of the Chairman/Board.
  • To ensure that the funds of the Board are properly utilized.
  • To prepare annual statement of accounts and budget estimates.
  • To convey and conduct the meeting of the Board, Advisory Council and Finance Committee .
  • To maintain the record of the proceedings of the Board.


Editorial and Procurement (E&P)

Major functions are to :

  • Develop textbooks from Grades I – XII
  • Develop Learning Materials and Teacher’s Guides
  • Facilitate the review and approval process of Textbooks
  • Arrange printing of textbooks through printers
  • Issue release orders of printed books
  • Maintain library/resource center
  • Arrange workshops and seminars for authors, editors, reviewers, publishers of textbooks and other learning materials.


Productions, Sales & Papers (PSP)

Major functions are:

  • Procurement of textbooks 
  • Distributions of textbooks to the Government
  • Sale of textbooks to the local market
  • Verification of paper used for books printing
  • Exhibition of textbooks
  • Maintenance of Final Accounts of Publishers
  • Maintenance of statistics of students and Textbooks