In pursuance of the decisions taken in the Education Secretaries Committee meeting held on 15 September4, 2007 in Islamabad and in partial modification of this Ministry’s notification No.F.8-1/2006-SSG dated 27 June, 2006, the part-wise examination system at Secondary School Certificate level shall be re-introduced

with effect from 2008 examinations.

The students who did not appear in Grade IX examination in 2007 would, however, take composite examinations in 2008.

The distribution of subjects and marks under part-wise examinations at SSC level will be introduced.  Islamiat/Ethics (for noon-Muslims) at HSSC level will be taught to the students for two years but the examination will be conducted by the Examination Boards at HSSC -II (Grade XII). All Provincial Education Departments including AJK and others concerned will ensure implementation of the Scheme of Studies 2006 and make all out efforts to get the textbooks developed compatible with the new National Curriculum and in line with National Textbook and Learning Materials Policy and get these approved from the Curriculum Wing of the Ministry of Education by May 2008 to ensure availability before the start of academic session beginning August, 2008 according to the schedule of implementation already notified.-