The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board is arranging various re-review meetings from time to time in order to improve the textbooks in light of feedback and suggestions received from the readers. Textbooks of Primary classes are re-reviewed through subject experts in Internal Review Meeting (IRC) at KP Textbook Board. 

  • Maths from Grade 1 to Grade 5
  • English from Grade 1 to Grade 5
  • GK from Grade 1 to Grade 3
  • Science from Grade 4 to Grade 5

After incorporation of the suggestions/alterations and recommendations of the IRC, these textbooks are sent to Directorate of Curriculum & Teacher Education (DCTE), Abbottabad for further scrutiny and study via Provincial Textbook Review Committee (PTRC) meetings. NOCs are obtained in the end. The purposes of these re-review meetings are to update and improve the textbooks according to the need and provide error-free textbooks to the students of the province. These are the main objectives of the KP Textbook Board. These re-review processes will be continued and textbooks of higher classes will also be re-reviewed and revised in the same way. So far the following textbooks have been re-reviewed and are introduced in the academic session 2017-18.

Revision of core books i.e. English, Maths & General Science from Grade VI to VIII has been started and revised books will be available for the academic session 2018-19. Similarly, the subjects of English, Maths , Chemistry, Biology & Physics for grade IX is also revised and available to the students who promoted to Class IX in the annual exam 2017-18. The same books of Class X is in revision process and will be introduced in the coming academic session 2019-20.